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Battlefield 3: Venice Unleashed - A BF3 Revival???

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:54 am
by aaronpawlak

I feel like I've made it very clear over several years that find no enjoyment in battlefield gameplay that features a small amount of players, be it competitive 8v8, 10v10, rush etc. I hope you're not gonna try and tell me that's somehow wrong simply because it means I'm not involved with any events of that type because that's frankly retarded.Choosing not to play battlefield under circumstances where I, and others don't enjoy it and instead playing something else is a pretty clear choice honestly.People have attempted to drum up interest, but so far it's fallen flat and I see nothing defeatist about admitting that now is not the right time for it given lack of interest and given how the tools to potentially make it more interesting still aren't available. Maybe once they are, more people will show up but right now most people have clearly decided that there are more productive ways to spend their time. I'd be interested to hear how that's a the wrong conclusion.

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