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[Suggestion]: Fix vehicle imblalance

Thu Apr 05, 2018 3:43 pm

I spoke with the KiwiDog recently and as far as I can tell the project is not dead and I am very glad about it. Reading on forums and their to-do list I noticed that there was mostly technical stuff being worked on. I know that you are probably still not in that phase but I would appreciate if you could put vehicle balance on your list since that was what ruined the game for most of the people.
OK My top 3 complaints regarding Bf3 were:
1. Netcode
2. Supression + Random Bullet Deviation
3. Vehicle imbalance

AFAIK first two are/will be fixed in VU but I dont see anyone saying anything regarding vehicles which almost completely broke the game, at least for me.

The problem is that US jets had far more maneuverability compared to their Russian counter parts which made the air battles settled at the begging of the game. Not only that the ebst jet players always went for the best jets (ergo, the US ones) so majority of the games would end with one side pwning the other side out of existence.


Same as with the jets, the US heli has more maneuverability and also a smaller hit box. Russian heli can take more hits from the gunner but this doesnt mean anything since all the heli duos are being solved via TV missle. TV missle camera placement on the Russian is one of bigger flaws. on the Russian heli its placed somewhere around 7 o'clock in relation to pilots default view while with the US heli its almost 12 o'clock. This means that it is far easier for US heli pilot to aim the TV missile and help the gunner locate its target. All of this has to be fixed to make the game balanced.
Nerf heli gunners gun- it has splash damage it ridiculous. Give him the type of gun/caliber that btr/tank gunners have and it be fine. As a counter measure give better zoom optics that will enable them to kill someone from far away, but not mow down the entire enemy team.

Anti-air vehicles:
Russian AA is crap. It slow and clunky compared to the US AA and its ADS is even worse. As with above suggestions I recommend putting the same values when it comes to their maneuverability and speed.

Static AA:

Russians on Norshahr Canals dont have AA in their base which makes to vulnerable to spawn rape by the heli and jets. Also the US AA can shoot at the enemy soldiers from its position. This is beyond annoying, not only because some schmuck can get a lucky kill. but he can also suppress the whole enemy team. This needs to be addressed as well.

Tanks and IFVs (BTRs or LAVs)

When it comes to tanks and btrs the situation is mostly cosmetic but its worth noting that US tank and BTRs are a bit weaker.
US tank doesnt have as good of an ADS ans the Russian one does so the T-90 is better for shooting precision projectiles at the distance. Abrams' ass is also to big so it doesnt give the driver the vision of his behind as good as the T-90 does.
The US infantry fighting vehicle LAV has the driver & gunner seat at the middle while the Russian BTR has it at the front. This makes LAV vulnerable fighting BTrs in urban areas since the Russian BTR only has to show a smaller portion (front) of its body to shoot at the target while the LAV has to show more than half of it. This is a disadvantage, but on the other hand LAV is better at fighting infantry since it has more vision due to his driver position.
I am not sure but I think LAV is easier to maneuver compared to BTR, I was felt that BTR is heavier to control.

I would limit the repairs to only one person, this way we can avoid the repair train which enables scrubs to survive and win the btr/tank duo if they have more engineers willing to repair. This goes for all vehicles jets, helis tanks, etc...

Ammo Resupply

Think about making vehicles with unlimited ammo. I am not sure that what is the right amount of ammo for any type of vehicle but its not bad to give it a try in later stages of testing. This is mostly to stop air rape.

Anyway this is a short list hopefully I will update it as soon as I remember something. Also I hope that you will release the first playable version soon and thank you all you guys who have given yourselves this very hard task and for not giving up!

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