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Epic idea!? New DLC for BF3 (VU unofficial)! Port CO-OP Maps to Conquest

Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:27 pm


Any devs here? I have Ingenious idea!
It will be one of best features of VU and it will back to live Online activity, I think, because everyone will want to try that.


So, how about New DLC for BF3? It will be sixth DLC for BF3 and first unofficial one.

Sure you know all 6 maps for CO-OP mode. They awesome. BUT this maps CAN be adapted for multiplayer Conquest Mode!!!

And all six maps from Co-op mode can be as NEW DLC for BF3 Multiplayer! It will be something new in years.


Something like that:

1. Operation Exodus -- (48 players) -- Conquest in Attack (where US will own all objectives and Iran army team will attack them, like Strike at Karkand in BF2). Like in original, US has few cars, Iranian have one tank

2. Fire from the Sky -- (up to 64 players) -- Conquest.

3. Exfiltration -- (64 players) -- Conquers with cars, like in original.

4. Hit and Run (64 players) -- Metro like map and CQ like Conquest, infantry only.

5. Drop 'Em Like Liquid (? players) -- infantry only Conquest.

6. The Eleventh Hour (64 players) -- Another Metro like map and infantry only Conquest.

Also, maybe has meaning for long maps set two spawn points on both sides of map, because it can looks like Metro at explosion hell at B.


P.S. Maps from singe mode Campaign can be another one in future.

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Re: Epic idea!? New DLC for BF3 (VU unofficial)! Port CO-OP Maps to Conquest

Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:40 pm

We are in the process of doing something similar :)
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