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Kangoshi's wish list...

Wed May 04, 2016 11:50 am

Hi everyone.
So I love "Battlefield 1982" concept from Battle(non)sense. I believe he has a reddit thread, but doesn't have a topic here. I wonder if he ever will. But anyway.
One thing in Battlefield series and Battlefiel 3 in particular that annoys me for years now.
It's the number of rounds you're carrying. In BFBC2 it was 30 fold (?). But every "new" "clip" contained only 29 rounds each. Plus one in the chamber. Which would stay there despite the fact that it should be ejected when you pull the bolt handle. They "fixed" it in Battlefield 3... Allegedly.
Yeah, it's nice, that there's an actual round in the chamber now. Which makes 31 round number possible. But do you really carrying 5(8) magazines 30 rounds each, one in the chamber and 4 to 7 in your pockets? Dice, please.

So, my first suggestion is to make overall number of rounds equal 120 (210 with ammo perk). So that you would start the round with 29+1 instead of 30+1.

For my second is to make a bag for used magazines (we call it "подсум" in russia) - like in real life. And although you probably don't want that in "standart" mode , it would be great to have it in "Hardcore". Along with the ability to use them if you're out of fully loaded "clips". It would require a rework of two mechanics - reload and kit swap.
So, when you've emptied your magazine or just need to make a quick reload, you press "R" button as usual. By doing so you lose what's left in it. But it's fast. When you need to save that mag for later use - you press and hold "R" button. In this case this process will take longer. When you're out full mags - you'll be realoading this "half-emptied".
This creates a problem with kit swap. It used to be on "E" button back in BFBC2, but it was so painful whenever there's a ton of dead bodies on the mcom. Or some vehicle nearby. Sadly, I have no idea how to solve this issue without dedicated button for the arm(ing?). Priority, maybe? But what if you don't want to arm the mcom but instead pick up a kit?

And for the last (at least for now) - trigger discipline. I can't believe I haven't noticed it in almost 1k hour of gameplay, but thanks to spectator mode and some issues with the FOV I did. And it's AWFUL! Soldiers are holding their finger ON TRIGGERS. So much for military consultant... You won't see it with rifles, but you can with magnum. And it's terrible.

I would love to see another changes, especially for hardcore mode, which I love to play, but bolt action sniper rifles... Like taking just magazines of same rounds you're using. Again - to swap a kit you would need more time, than to just take ammo.
Another thing about this mechanic - I get it that it takes almost zero time to unequip your soldier and to equip another kit. Same with vehicles and that's fine - it's not a simulator after all. But do you really bother to equip your stuff back to that body you're "stripping"? I suggest if someone's swap kits with you, you would need to pick up your or any other kit in case you got revived. Until then you got nothing, but let's say, your knife.
It would be cool, but majority of people thinks that it would turn this game into simulator.

I just continue to add some things in here.
You only replenish your ammo and other "consumables" when spawning on your home base. This would make support class and supply crates even more valuable.

Weight system. The more you carry - the slower your movements are. And what else can add up to your weight except besides the equipment? Water. That's right - there's an actual reason you want to cross rivers by bridge.

P.S. I know, I know. I would be able to make all of this someday. And I'm still not completely sure if I should even have wrote this. Well, rip me, if I shouldn't have. :lol:

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