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Gun balancing and supression

Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:16 am

First of all i want to appolagize if this will be dublicate post, if it is possible for mods it is good to merge them, point doublicates.

Now, i was very excited to see this thing going on and i believe this is the way to save the game from death that DICE/EA si pushing very hard. Well think about it, making it free, cheap, drawing hackers to the community and not cleaning it from them.. this allways leads to game death. Hope this mod will save and make it even better than it is right now.
i am not a hardcore huuuraaah battlefielder that some of players out there is, 3k+ hours in the game, 60-70k kills with single gun and etc, but as possible huge fan i wud like to point out some of the key feutures that battlefield 3 is and will better than any battlefield in near feuture.
1. The game is light and doesnt push pc in the corner specwise. Meaning it can be run on IGP just fine and be enjoied by everyone, so it is wide open for everyone out there.
2. Game color palete is not to cluttered and it is easyer to spot other players. Looks so simple but it is to hard for devs to understand why for example VALVE doesn't make CS:GO realistic and that camos will be used in its own enviroment. It is simply easyer and more fun to play games where it is easy to spot enemy without the spotting buttton. Look at the same Zavod in BF4, yes, it does makes sence to use camos and you will be less spottable but that doesnt add fun to any game out there. More realistic = Less fun. BF3 has it almost perfect balance.
3. Its gun recoils and the general feel just feels more fun.

Anyways, i have bin reading the changelogs, updates and see taht most of the mods are made from clientside, but the fact that you can do changes from server side is more than a mirracle.
There is some things that needs to be adressed and you already started in a good approach. 60hz servers, spectator mode, no sun glare, no blue tint.. Now, remove supression mechanism, but leave only the blur, or just increase the blur. The problem is only with the damn supression when it is changing bullet trajectories to a random directions event if your aim is spot on. The second is the hardest ever mod i thin is like in BF4 limit revives to a 1 time per spawn and balance a bit guns, becouse right now it is ridiculous that there is so many players playing only M16A3, AEK-971 and M416. Mainly the Assault class with assault riffles. Basicaly it is true that any gun can become OP if it is used everyday, but these guns is overpowered already, that's why none of the other guns are used. It is obvious that this mod will be infantry focused and vehicles are not very welcome in these maps. meaning i do wellcome the TDM mode only and no conquest. The only game from this franchise that was good at Conquest was battlefield 2 and Bad Company 2 was good at rush, this one is good at TDM, and BF4 isn't good at any of thease game modes. While it may be my only ones oppinion but i think most of the players will agree with this.
While the rules of EA/DICE/ORIGIN doesn't approve any modding or tools for devs to create any kind of mods, they even closed the source of server code... Well basicaly doing everything to protect the game engine from being modded outside and telling everyone that it is impossible without hardcoding or full rewriting of the damn engine to increase the tickrate of the server, to make any additions to a clientside... all that is bullshit and i hope thirt party group like this shows how it is done propertly in ESL style.

I hope i wasn't extending to mutch the post by unneeded info and wish devs to keep it up, waiting for full releases of better than ever BF3 ;)

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Re: Gun balancing and supression

Tue Feb 23, 2016 5:42 pm

You can already turn on/off suppression. Most of the servers run with it off.
If you like playing a game with 24/7 blur, you can change that on your own server. But one thing is sure, I'll never join a server that gives me headache like blur does.

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Re: Gun balancing and supression

Wed Feb 24, 2016 2:08 pm

Or you could make it for MGs only. Support class should be working that way, because it doesn't really makes sense in the base where every single gun has suppression. Now it could make MGs used as they have to be used.
Or Suppression perk only.

It's just my suggestion!!!

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Re: Gun balancing and supression

Sat Feb 27, 2016 7:47 am

niktodt1 wrote:Or you could make it for MGs only. Support class should be working that way, because it doesn't really makes sense in the base where every single gun has suppression. Now it could make MGs used as they have to be used.


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Re: Gun balancing and supression

Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:02 am

Would be interesting how the "lower guns" would look with a increased damage model and higher recoil. Btw you forgot the AN-94 ;)

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