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Global Forum Rules

Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:16 pm

This is a set of global forum rules and guidelines that should be followed at all times and by all members - there are no exceptions. Failure to comply will result in punishment.

Punishment Levels:
  • Warning
  • Temporary Ban (after several warnings)
  • Permanent Ban

Below you can read the guidelines:

  • It is strictly prohibited to impersonate other members and/or people (especially staff members)

  • Any posts that infringe copyright laws are strictly prohibited (this includes sharing server or game files, posting warez, etc.)
  • Requesting support while obviously using a pirated version of a game will result in closure/deletion of the thread and a warning
  • Pornographic and offending or racist content is strictly prohibited in all forums
  • Writing Topic Titles and/or Posts in all capitals is prohibited
  • Spamming, quote trains and off-topic content is prohibited in all forums other than the ‘Random’ section
  • Posting into a subforum that is obviously not suited for the post (e.g. posting about Rome in the Venice section) is prohibited
  • Harassing or insulting other users will not be tolerated
  • Double posting will not be tolerated
  • Purposely avoiding word censors will result in punishment
  • You should - at all times - refrain from posting any false information
  • Backseat moderating is also punishable
  • Posting links to websites and services that allow ‘bypassing’ game mechanisms is prohibited
  • Posting a cheat report about accused cheaters will also result in immediate closure of the thread and a warning
  • Discussion about or posting links to third party emulators is prohibited and will result in punishment
  • Posting a link to cheat-programs or bypassing anti-cheat will lead to a permanent ban and immediate trashing of the topic

Signatures and Avatars
  • Avatars have a maximum size of 100x100 pixels
  • Offending, racist or images of pornographic content are strictly prohibited
  • Signatures and avatars may be edited or removed at the staff's discretion

  • Posts and threads may be edited or removed at staff’s discretion
  • English is mandatory in all non-regional forums
  • Proper English is appreciated in all cases
  • All rules and guidelines are subject to change without notice
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