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[RELEASE] Single Player Game Mod

Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:51 am

TEST VERSION - lot of bugs!

For all levels (except first)
- multiplayer weapons
- powerful bots
- medkit
-MP Soldier in your squad
-Big Jump
-Mortar = Mobile UAV
-3p Camera

- Sangre del Torro:
New Soldier in Squad: Flynn
Vitnam HUD

*To remove frozen weapon container UI icon - press ESC
*Some weapons can give errors

Mod add changes to game by using few files only, if you want to add own mod to sp game, you can use my file - go to:
Battlefield Bad Company 2\Package\levels\sp_common\level-00.fbrb - all mods collected there
and that file apply changes to all levels (except first)

To delete test mod:
Go to "Battlefield Bad Company 2\Package\levels\" - delete from there "sp_common" folder

Download in video description

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