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[RELEASE] BBC2 Modpack v5

Thu Dec 13, 2018 2:20 pm

:idea: Mod work only with licensed game! If you want to use it - buy the game in store! Tested on game from "Origin" Store.
It will not work with piracy game be sure!

BBC2 ModPack 5.0 by Napisal
Used tools:
Mod Tools v2.0 by Frankelstner and Rukqoa
Bad Company 2 - 3D Map Editor by Powback

This mod will add to BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2 PC game
new multiplayer maps - ported from singleplayer game and one unique map,
there you will be able to found:

- 3 modern jet's: A10, F-18, Su38 with 2-3 pilot seats ("Spoting" button - Bomb firing, "R" button - Rocket firing)
- 2 WW2 planes: Jap Zero, Corsair with 2 pilot seats ("Spoting" button - Bomb firing)
- CO-OP mode maps with bots - fight with your friends against angry bots
(bots are able to arm and disarm charge in rush mode)
- Ability to use SP,NAM characters and weapons - on some maps
- Third person camera. Press C to use
- Explosions with point lights and many more other mods such as t54 with rocket launcher, ah60 with rockets etc

Map list:
MP_SP_003GR - [M]Beni River RUSH
MP_SP_001GR - [M][Ai]Aurora RUSH
MP_SP_004GR - [M][Ai]Snow Blind CO-OP RUSH
MP_SP_008GR - [M][Ai]Las Montanas RUSH
ONS_MP_002 - [M][Ai]Ons Valparaíso CO-OP RUSH
ONS_MP_004 - [M][Ai]Ons Isla Inocentes CO-OP RUSH
ONS_MP_005GR - [M][Ai]Ons Atacama Desert CO-OP RUSH
AIR_MP_004 - [M]Isla Inocentes Air Support RUSH
AIR_MP_006 - [M]Arica Harbor Air Support RUSH
MP_SP_004 - [M][Ai]Snow Blind CQ CO-OP
MP_SP_004CQ - [M]Snow Blind CQ
MP_SP_006 - [M][Ai]Sangre Del Torro CQ CO-OP
MP_SP_006CQ - [M]Sangre Del Torro CQ
MP_SP_008CQ - [M][Ai]Las Montanas CQ CO-OP
MP_SP_008 - [M]Las Montanas CQ
NAM_NAM_005CQ - [M]Cao San Temple CQ
MP_SP_001CQ - [M]Aurora CQ
AIR_MP_SP_001CQ - [M]Aurora WW2Planes CQ
AIR_MP_SP_004CQ - [M]Snow Blind Flight CQ
MP_NAPIMAP_001 - [M]Original Map by Napisal CQ
MP_TANKBATTLE_001 - [M]Tank Battle CQ
MP_TANKBATTLE_002 - [M][Ai]Tank Battle against bot's CQ
*[Ai] = Bots

1) Download and extract "BBC2 ModPack Client v5.rar" to your HDD.
2) Launch "BBC2 ModPack v5.exe"
3) After you select mod from list (it is selected by default), in next step - select game folder (BBC2.exe location).
*Game must be closed during installation process
*All default maps should work as usual
*Mod work UNSTABLE - you can have crash on some maps.(many bugs inside so be ready:))

If you want to remove mod you will need to made two steps:
1. Launch "uninst.exe" from game folder (it will delete mod files)
2. Launch "BBC2 ModPack 5.0.exe" again and select there ONLY "Remove mod -step 2" from list, in next step - select game folder (BBC2.exe location).
(it will add default files to your game)

Server (Host) Info:
*** Server is fully configured: just download and launch it, connect procon to be able to switch maps etc..
Configure your server like usual server by editing .bat file and ServerOptions.ini if you need.

INSTALLATION - Only one step :
1. Download and extract "BBC2 NAPISAL MOD SERVER MP 5.0" to your HDD.
In "BBC2 NAPISAL MOD SERVER MP 5.0" Server folder launch "START BBC2 MOD SERVER .bat".

*Nexus "dinput8.dll" inside - so server will work on nexus.
*Startup.txt - must have: "vars.profanityFilter false" - maps with bots have some conficts with that. (Server is fully configured - no need to do that if you dont know what is that)
*Added ability to use all maps in one maplist by using "Mod" playlist. So maplist contain all maps, also I have made some little mod for procon so it will support new maps with descriptions.
*Inside server folder find "Procon Map List Mod + AI config" folder, where you will be able to find mod for procon + some important info
*Server contain only mod maps - there is no default maps inside

To be able to use mod map list in procon:

add "BFBC2.def" and "BFBC2.BC2.def"
to "procon_1.4.2.4\Configs" folder, start procon.

You need to made this step each time after Procon restarted/closed.
I not found how to made this changes static...

For AI maps: If player came to AI team = server will crash. To prevent Human players playing in AI team:

add to ProconRulz new rule: "On Spawn;Team 2;Exec admin.movePlayer %p% 1 0 true"
Also you can put "ProconRulz.cfg" in "procon_1.4.2.4\Configs\your server\".

In some teams bots can be in team 2 or team 1 - so you if you still able to spawn in enemy - team change in rule (ProconRulz):
"On Spawn;Team 2;Exec admin.movePlayer %p% 1 0 true" - change to Team 1

*Maps with bots will work unstable if there more than 4 players.
*Do not try to enter in bot's team - server will crash 100%

Download in Description:

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Re: [RELEASE] BBC2 Modpack v5

Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:27 pm

Great Mod Pack! We´re playing the Map Pack every now and then. Interested people, just drop me a note. Usually Thursday from 21 - 22:00 (German Time).

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Re: [RELEASE] BBC2 Modpack v5

Wed Aug 21, 2019 8:28 pm

Hi Nasipal

I only found the mod the other day and it's awesome :)

I have a question though about being able to edit the dbx files. Basically on some maps, I'd like to be able to disable vehicles (especially ONS Atacama). I've opened the level files in Mod Tools and been through the Object/Vehicles and disabled them individually without success. Just switched enabled to False and also tried doing something similar in the actual level dbx, again without luck.

I'm obviously looking in the wrong place (in the server files) or just missing something. Any help greatly appreciated.

Oh, and one final thing. I don't suppose there's anything with bots on Heavy Metal is there?

Thanks very much

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Re: [RELEASE] BBC2 Modpack v5

Wed Feb 12, 2020 11:06 am

Yes, the difficult option is held for the removal of humans. The nature of the ozessay reviews is signed for future items. Selection is held for all humans. Posture is done for individuals. Ascertainment of the goal is approved for future items.

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