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[RELEASE] BBC2 Client Mod Pack v1

Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:36 pm

BBC2 Client Mod Pack v1 will add to your game:
1. Third person camera
Press C to use
2. Soldiers skins from single player game (Added in V1)
Some default skins are replaced by single player soldiers skins
3. New textures for weapons
Some weapons now have a new texture "camo style"
4. "Katana"
Normal knife is replaced by the "Japan katana sword"
5. New weather
New colors and effects
6. Weapon dynamic light system
Flash from explosion of: grenades, C4, tank shells,RPG, muzzle flashes etc
7. BC1 Vehicle HUD Mod
New HUD for: M1A2, T90, Mi28, Mi24, AH64
8.New Combat Area Screen Color
9.Removed some smoke from RPG rockets
10.Menu mod: add fast startup to game (no intro) + new background music in main menu

Now you also able to make separate installation. Each "modpack" have difference so find what you like: all mods or just few or one.
mod packs:
Full Mod Pack -"All Client Mods"
Full Mod Pack - No Sp Skins -"Almost all Client Mods with out sp soldiers skins"
No Sp Skins + Standart Weatheer-"Default weather and almost all Client Mods with out sp soldiers skins"
No Sp Skins + No Hud Mod-"Almost all Client Mods but No Sp Skins, No Hud Mod"
Sp Skins Only-"Single player game soldiers skins fo MP"
New Weather Only -"New colors on old maps"
Third Person Camera Only-"Third person camera Press C to use in battle"
Menu Mod -"Disabled Intro. Default menu music changed"
Remove All Mod's "Remove all modifications."

Fixed: problem with messed up ammo pickup sound

How to use?
-Run Installation and select game folder

Tip: Select ONLY one mod pack from list per time,any mod pack can be installed with menu mod. Example:
"Third Person Camera Only" and "Sp Skins Only" will not work together - choose something one + menu mod.
Select game folder (BBC2.exe location) for installation
If you want to remove mod just choose only "Remove All Mods"

-Feel free to use on EA or steam - it is no a cheat. It is a mod

Ps: Found bug - report about it here

Download in description:


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