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[RELEASE] Harvest Day Helicopters

Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:01 pm

Standalone map for client and full standalone server

Download CLIENT+SERVER:!ApFzmK4R!gFFWHA-kSRFC ... dZcJTsfatU

How to install the client?
  - Unpack the archive "-CLIENT-Battlefield Bad Company 2 Mod - bc2_harvest_day_cq" in the game folder with the replacement of all files
How to go to the map with the mod?
  - In the list of servers appears to be the new card with the name: "BC2_HARVEST_DAY" - sorting by maps will help you find it
How to install a server?
  - Unpack the folder "MOD SERVER" from the archive: "-SERVER-Battlefield Bad Company 2 Mod - bc2_harvest_day_cq" on drive C
How to run a server?
  - In the server folder ( "MOD SERVER") has a "Start Server.bat" file - it starts the server (by double-clicking the left mouse button)
How to uninstall mod map from client: unpack files from "Uninstall BC2 Harvest Day Heli Mod from game.rar" to your game folder with replacement of all files
Download:!g8kUWLAS!jm-PS1LgMUke ... krOgCA0ypY

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Re: [RELEASE] Harvest Day Helicopters

Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:14 pm

How can i join servers at bfbc2 dice deleted there server i want new launcher if you can

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