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Rockets MOD tutorial

Wed Jan 07, 2015 1:51 am

I want to show u how to create a ROCKET MOD for server. And for example we will use Rpg7 (RU_at_RPG7.dbx).
way: dist\linux\levels\mp_common\level-00 FbRB\Objects\Weapons\Handheld\RU_at_RPG7
This mod will have (what you need to find and do :) ) :

low time for lock on target - "LockTime">0.1< in RU_at_RPG7.dbx
Increased release time of lock on aim (when aim is lost) - "ReleaseTime">360.5< in RU_at_RPG7.dbx
Increased Distance for tracer - "RayLength">1800.0< in RU_at_RPG7.dbx
Maximal turn angle for rocket - "MaxTurnAngle">360.0< in RU_at_RPG7_Firing.dbx
Increased speed of rocket - "MaxSpeed">80.0< + "InitialSpeed">0/0/80.0/ in RU_at_RPG7_Firing.dbx
Increased Damage - "Damage">650.0< + "BlastDamage">95.0< in RU_at_RPG7_Firing.dbx
Amount of rockets - "NumberOfMagazines">8< in RU_at_RPG7_Firing.dbx
Radius of explosions - "BlastRadius">23.0< + "ShockwaveRadius">25.0< in RU_at_RPG7_Firing.dbx

Note: if you need to find and edit values for other rocket louncher - use same "red" words from here - all same. If you want to edit attack helli rockets you can do all same steps!
You have 2 kind of rockets: AH64_Rocket_Firing.dbx and AH64_Hellfire_Firing.dbx.
LockingControllerData ( LockTime, ReleaseTime - tracer) for dumb rockets is locate in AH64.dbx and Mi28.dbx. All other in AH64_Rocket_Firing.dbx and AH64_Hellfire_Firing.dbx - both of them is for RU and US helli ( mp_common\level-00 FbRB\Objects\Vehicles\Air\AH64).
Also to ancrease amount of rockets change "MagazineCapacity" in AH64_Rocket_Firing.dbx or AH64_Hellfire_Firing.dbx.
And if you decide to edit rockets for helli u also can edit tracer of it. It is have name : tracer_gun_firing.dbx and locate in \dist\linux\levels\mp_common\level-00 FbRB\Objects\Vehicles\Common.

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