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some noob propose something cool

Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:14 pm

hi there !!!
my dear friend thanks to you nexus is live...but can you make some changes in rules servers to make intresting stuff in game
i propese to coming back high xp ranks to make intresting cheleng cuz we need new players
i try to explane this situations
you have players who dont know all rules
imagin this you are 50 ivi and some admin ban you from some servers from some reason cuz admin don't have cnwollege about hacks or some reason who only they know in they head
them user delete acaunt and start from begining
them they after one mounth playing come to 10 or 15 level and leave game
this information you dont know
please alowed high xp rank and owners of servers with admins keep clean they servers clean from cheaters
alowed only 1 server to one owner to have or
give promision to MAGIC have he have army of admins who know how to deal with cheaters if they ban him ban to them to all servers
i only propose cuz we have small nubmers of players
i spoke with many players and they have this seriously problem to stay active in game
sorry for my bad language here i hope you will understand this situation and make some solution to have happy players
THANKS yours noob civilbre

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