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Re: Hack Protection Software

Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:37 pm

Firstly, as you can tell from my signature, I have 64h of playtime on Nexus, and in all that time, I have not seen more than 5 cheaters. There were quite a lot of people that annoyed me because of seemingly unfair tactics, camping, spawn raping etc. pp., but that does not directly make them cheaters (I have no proof, so in dubio pro reo).

Then, even if you are annoyed by many cheaters: This is definitely not a reason to cheat too, as doing so will always result in the oppsite of the desired effect.

And as Rodney said, you could and still can buy BFBC2 for 1€ on the store (until Dec. 2).
Then you can play without hackers on the official servers.

Finally, as Kerrigan said, we are aware of the fact that there are cheaters, and that's why NoFaTe planned to develop an own anticheat.
So there is absolutely no need to rage about something that will be fixed in the future, doing so will not make it happen earlier.


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