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SWBF isn't a BF reskin but also not so original

Mon Aug 31, 2015 12:05 pm

As Dice says, Battlefront is very different than Beetlefold. Thats right, you can play with 3rd person view (like older Battlefronts), there are no classes, vehicles don't spawn at base, you can't ads etc. While it is very different from BF it is very similiar to another EA game, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare.
- In Garden Warfare you can't ads.
- In Garden Warfare there aren't vehicles or gadgets but there are active skills/power ups you can chance by getting different cards. Card system is also in SWBF. Heroes and vehicles are power ups. Every character has 3 skills in PvZGW and in SWBF too.
- Map desings of BF and SWBF are different, in BF maps are usually wide and there are more than one way to get to points with the exception of BC2 and rush maps. In SWBF Walker Assault mode seems to resemble BF's rush mode but it is actually closer to PvZGW's Gardens and Graveyards. Both has linear maps opposed to classic BF conquest maps and like rush mod of BF the yare progressive.

My source for this is my own experince of BF series, PvZGW and alpha gameplay videos of SWBF.

BTW this doesn't mean SWBF will be bad, i am sure it will be a very fun game. I am a Star Wars fan and an FPS fan too so i will definitely play it. But i don't think this game will be huge like Beetlefold 2 or Beetlefold 3. It will be more like a placeholder for Battlefield 5 or whatever Dice makes next.

Those are my opinions, thanks for reading. May the force be with you!
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