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BF3 Alpha Questions

Mon Jul 04, 2016 5:34 pm

Hey all,
I was wondering if somebody with technical knowledge would be able to help me with the BF3 alpha. I managed to acquire the files to the alpha and have been playing around with it. In short, I wanted to attempt to get the Alpha functional once again via a LAN server. I have experemented with some of the free projects available in order to attempt to make the Alpha run in place of the final game files, but so far have had no success. Theoretically this should be possible, I just don't know how it would be done, IE how to bypass the registry checks / origin integration. So far I have only attempted the LANBF3 method with no success, so any help would be greatly appreciated! I understand my research is not directly linked to VU, but my goal is to set up a working Alpha server with Venice Unleashed.


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