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Venice Unleashed FAQ

Sun May 05, 2013 10:02 am

I. When will Venice Unleashed be released?
The Closed Beta has launched. Download the client here.
The Open Beta launch date is yet to be announced.

II. How and when will I be able to participate in playing Venice Unleashed?
Generally there are 4 development stages in which we will add features and make the gameplay experience more stable.

Alpha: Completed
Closed Beta: Launched
Open Beta: TBA
Release candidate: TBA

III. How many people will be invited to the Closed Beta?
NoFaTe is planning to invite the staff members and 800-1200 people handpicked from the enlisted community members.

IV. What are the requirements to play Venice Unleashed?
You need a legit and licensed game version with the latest patches installed.
This means: You need a game copy with unaltered files AND MOST IMPORTANT a valid license file for BF3 on your PC.
The license files gets created when BF3 is properly installed on your PC and activated through Origin.
Furthermore you need a redeemed key for Venice Unleashed and an Emulator Nexus forum account.

V. What about the DLCs?
In the original game the Blaze masterserver is checking possession entries for your account. Even if you have the files you won't be able to play with them, since there is no entry for your account in EAs database. The Zeus backend does not have these possession checks since there is no way for us to match your Emulator Nexus account with your EA account.
Simple rule: If you have the DLC files, you can use them in Venice Unleashed.
Nontheless keep in mind that Emulator Nexus won't support you in any way to obtain the files.

VI. What about mod support?
The first installment of official mod support will feature the "Extension System" similiar to the one featured in "Rome".
It will allow you to load custom scripts to your game-server which will allow you to enable own gamemodes, modify existing gamemodes, change the cvars of the server and much more...
The second installment of the mod support will be featured with usage of "Rime" a "FrostEd"- similar editor that allows to create more complex mods than with the "Extension System". More information on "Rime" can be found here.

VII. What about the server files?
Even if you are in possesion of them Venice Unleashed doesn't make any use of them yet.
For more information about "Server hosting in Venice Unleashed" please visit the following blog post/info topic by NoFaTe:

VIII. Will Venice Unleashed work in LAN mode anytime?
It is in consideration and will be added most likely in a revision after the 1.0 release. Keep in mind that offline multiplayer is not a high priority at the moment. It will be implemented when it's time for it.

IX. Will we be able to change our names ? How many soldiers can I create?
Persona names are permanent, however you will be able to create multiple soldiers, each with a unique name and stats.
In the current stage of the Closed Beta you are only allowed one (1) soldier.

X. I got a key. What shall I do?
The key needs to be redeemed and linked to your existing Emulator Nexus account. Log into the forums, visit the Downloads page, enter your key. After that you should be able to login into Venice Unleashed.

Venice Unleashed Mainpage
Kiwidog's Blog
NoFaTe's Blog
Key redeem page
VU Github Bugtracker

Notice that the enlistment for the Closed Beta has been closed a long time ago. If you didn't sign up for it, you missed your chance. In that case you have to wait for the Open Beta.

- Extension System
- Rime mod Support including a Mesh Viewer
- Spectator mode
- Ingame server browser and menu
- Origin-free gameplay
- Several cvars to disable/enable previous hidden options (e.g. Blue Tint/colour filters)
- "Client as server"- feature
- LAN mode, fully functional without an existing internet connection / active connection to the Zeus backend (stats via local database not confirmed yet / not known if it's even considered)

Suggestions for the FAQ can be given via PM.

P.S.: Please note that the FAQ will be restructured with any new details about the project coming up.
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