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Joined:Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:59 am
How can I help you out (3d artist)

Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:34 am

Hey guys!

I was made aware of your awesome project while playing bf3 today.

I'm a 3d artist, proficient in character art but I can do anything like weapons, vehicles, except for fx stuff (animals and creatures to some degree)
Moreover Im proficient at python, more or less at c#(unity), mel(lol) , java(processing) and javascript, html and json and all that db and web stuff.
I can rig characters to some degree and write automation tools (at least for maya. ok maybe anything that supports python)

How can I help you guys out?

I know this sounds quite random. I could be anyone. My art could be subpar as is with many 3d modellers(no offense) Therefore, if you have some smaller, optional asset or weapon, maybe a character that needs to get modelled and possibly textured. One that isnt under some deadline, just throw it my way and Ill happily do the modelling and texturing part, possibly rigging if you dont mind waiting.

Of course I dont expect or want anything in return.

However Im absolutely not familiar with whatever engine or tools you guys are you using. It doesnt look like a pbr workflow so it might be some getting used to.


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