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Regarding the server status

Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:06 am

We recognized you keep spamming the Announcement threads with server status questions, that have been answered about 1000 times now with the same answer: DOWN!

The server will be up and running again and until then you cant do a thing about it being down for any reason.

It will be the most common issue in the future because our playerbase is growing fast, so refrain from asking please.

But now the unfriendly part:

Any further questions about the server status asked in the announcements, updates or game sections will be punished with a warning.

Also threads concerning to ask about the server status will be trashed immediately and the OP will receive a warning.

I´m doing this to prevent any further misunderstandings and to take a burden off our Tech Support and our dear admin NoFaTe who are encountering your disrespect too often now.

If you want to check the server status fastly visit here.

Since the status site has been moved to a different location you can view the server statuses in only a few seconds now.
Any further asking will be punished anyway.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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