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VU Client Changelog

Tue May 12, 2015 9:55 pm

Updates are sorted from newest to oldest.

  • Further optimized WebUI performance to reduce low FPS spikes during processing.
  • Resolved an issue where some key combinations wouldn't be properly delegated to the WebUI.
  • Fixed a crash caused by late D3D device initialization.
  • Significantly improved network security and reliability for backend services connections.

  • Fixed some issues with WebUI rendering to optimize performance and provide support for SLI.
  • Fixed a rare crashing issue on WebUI initialization.

  • Reworked a big portion of the WebUI rendering code to render more "natively".
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with older CPUs not supporting SSE4 instructions.
  • Fixed a crash caused by ammo states not being properly destroyed on player disconnection.

  • Fixed an issue with ammo state replication, where some players weren't properly identified.
  • Updated VeniceEXT in order to support future Rime-interop operations.

  • Implemented basic ammo state replication and ammo HUD updating for first-person spectators.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause servers to crash when a player switched teams.

  • Fixed an issue where a gun's recoil would reset faster in higher frequency servers.
  • Added display of all kills in the kill-feed when spectating a player.
  • Changed kill-feed player colors to more accurately represent their teams.
  • Limited soldier names to 16 characters.
  • Fixed some misspelled map names in server-list listings.
  • Fixed an issue where iterating through players in spectator could crash the client.
  • Fixed a possible issue with physics simulation in non 120Hz servers.
  • Hotfixed an issue with physics collisions that would result in player deaths (especially when reviving, vaulting, etc.).
  • Fixed an issue where Squad Rush and Squad Deathmatch teams would be limited to 4 players.
  • Added personal kill-messages when spectating a player in first-person.
  • Increased the camera distance when spectating vehicles in third-person.
  • Increased the zoom speed when spectating vehicles in third-person.
  • Fixed an issue where squad members wouldn't be correctly removed from a squad.
  • Implemented nametag display for all players in first-person spectator mode.
  • Statically color-coded player icons and names based on their team in first-person spectator mode.
  • Implemented the ability to disable team-switch balancing via RCON.

  • Fixed an issue where spectators couldn't receive chat messages after joining a server for the first time.
  • Exposed some new engine hooks via VeniceEXT.
  • Fixed an issue where round-time wouldn't be correctly displayed via RCON.

  • Fixed an issue which would cause servers to crash when modifying the maplist.
  • Added the ability to list spectators via RCON.
  • Fixed an issue where players limits wouldn't be properly enforced during startup.

  • Introduced an additional frequency mode, running simulation at 60Hz, and updates at 30Hz (-high60 parameter).
  • Changed 120Hz high frequency mode launch parameter to -high120.
  • Optimized performance for 120Hz and 60Hz servers.
  • Implemented the ability to host and join password protected servers.
  • Implemented the ability to limit the amount of maximum players.
  • Fixed an issue where a server would allow more players than the full team capacity.
  • Limited spectator slots to 24.
  • Fixed an issue where the active spectator count wouldn't be properly replicated to the backend.
  • Fixed an issue where joining a server running a different frequency mode would result in a black loading screen.
  • Fixed advanced chat automatically closing when typing and another player sent a message.
  • Added proper display of spectators and enemy teams for spectating players in advanced chat.
  • Fixed an issue with server listing that could crash the backend.

  • Fixed WebUI rendering issues for older non-DX11 GPUs.
  • Fixed an issue where player counts would be incorrectly displayed on the scoreboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the server-list would incorrectly list a server.
  • Fixed a race condition in VeniceEXT that would result to a client crash.
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