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Rome FAQ

Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:47 pm

Since there has been a wave of new, unregular issues and there are still people asking for the server status of the master server (ignoring the fact that there a several ways to check the status by yourself without spamming the forum) i will create a FAQ thread similar to the one i created for the Venice section.

I. I receive this message: "Project Rome master server is currently unreachable..." What should i do ?
This means most likely (and logically) that the master server has crashed, it's undergoing maintenance or it's getting updated.
There is nothing you can do about it except from waiting, doing something useful, playing other games, going outside or anything else that comes to your mind.

This the most common issue that is happening to our users. Keep it in mind. The solution is quite simple...: Waiting. Easy. isn't it ?

Remember that creating a topic regarding the server status will result in a warning as punishment!

II. I can't find any servers in the server browser.
Well. The most common solution for this problem is simply clicking the "Search" button in the bottom right corner of your server browser. Don't forget to clear any filters you might've set up.

Other reasons could be your anti-virus or firewall blocking any necessary connections or the game itself or your ports being blocked within your router firewall (NAT/ Hardware firewall) or system (Software) firewall.
To keep yourself clear open these ports (if you're encountering the mentioned issue):
TCP: 80, 18390, 18395, 13505
UDP: 18395, 10000

Another possibility could be that you are using a noSTEAM release which is causing this issue with our client hook.
In this case: Bad luck. Since we are not supporting piracy all topics regarding this matter caused by an illegal version of the game will be locked and the topic creator will be punished with a warning without further notice.

III. I receive this message: "Failed to initialize the Rome client... unknown executable detected..etc."
This means that the client hook can't hook the game/server process because it finds invalid entry points.
The executable is not the one the hook expected to hook on.

This means that your executable is possibly outdated (patch it to R11, use Google to look up the latest BC2 patch).
If your executable has been cracked you have to replace it with an original executable.
Cracked executables are not supported by the Rome client hook for obvious reasons.

IV. I receive this message: "Unable to login, try again later."
Make sure you have downloaded our latest client hook. Without applying the hook to the game it will try to connect to the original EA Plasma backend. If you have never created an account there, you won't be (obviously) able to login.
An other cause might be that the name of your soldiers contains special characters like spaces.

V. Which version of the game is required to use Rome ?
Any version is usable. It doesn't matter if your version is coming from Steam, Origami, retail or "other" sources.
The only requirement is that the client has been patched to the latest patch: R11 and that no cracks have been applied to the game executable which could alter it's being.

VI. But.. aren't you supporting piracy with this project ?
No. Since we're not advertising ourselves with slogans like "Play game XY for free" we are perfectly legal here.
As a disclaimer: Rome has been created to provide a liberated gameplay environment to the players.
This includes features which has been originally cut or simply excluded from the final game.
The reason why illegitimate versions of the game might work with Rome is because there is no actual DRM anymore which could check an existing key or a license. DICE removed the DRM with their R11 patch so it's not our fault when illegitimate versions work with Rome. We're not interested in adding a license check back into the game because we're not altering the game itself. Nontheless we won't give out any support to users of illegitimate versions.

VII. I receive this message: "Connection to the game server has been lost.."
This means that your connection to the respective game server you were playing on has been interrupted by an inference, temporary loss of your connection to the internet, due to a crash of the game server itself, game server shutdown, etc.
Another reason for it could be that the server is having an amount of reserved slots for VIP players or server admins which is blocking off any other random player which is trying to connect to the server when all of the public slots are in use.

Furthermore your ports could be blocked aswell by your router, your firewall or a government institution or provider.
In this case please look at II. for more information.

VIII. I have a black screen when i'm getting ingame and nothing but my HUD shows up.
Your graphics card seems to have an issue with the "bloom" setting of the game engine.
This could be related to an outdated, old PC system or outdated graphics card drivers.
Aside from updating your drivers you should navigate to your Documents/BFBC2 folder and locate the settings.ini file.
Open it, find the Bloom and DxVersion parameters.
Set Bloom to false and DxVersion to 9 to prevent any further issues in your game.
Save the file and set a write protection on it to prevent your game resetting your changed values.

IX. I saw a cheater ingame. What shall i do ?
We prohibit every kind of cheater report on the forums because there is simply no adequate proof of a cheater ingame available. Chat logs and videos recorded from a different POV than the cheater ones are not strong enough as a proof.
Please refrain from reporting a cheater ingame. We don't have an anti-cheating-software for Rome because NoFaTes focus is fully set onto the perfectness of Venice Unleashed. The most simple solution for you is to hope that a smart server admin is banning the accused cheater or you simply leave the server and make yourself a victim less for the cheater.
Solutions will be provided in the far future. No ETA given.

X. I want to host a second dedicated server on my machine/my server but it won't work.
If your server is provided with a "StartServer.bat" file there is a fixed Port value. Since the same port can't be used twice at the same time by programs you'll have to change the Port to another one.
Example: The standard port for the dedicated server is 19567. Go to your StartServer.bat and change the value to 19568 and it should work. Repeat that step for every single server you want to host and remember that every port has to be different from the previous one and you should be fine.

XI. My ping ingame is way higher than the one in my server browser.
Be sure: The ping displayed in the server browser is your actual ping to the server you want to play on.
The ingame ping value is altered for any reasons by the game to be displayed 80-100 ms higher than your actual ping is.
Please don't get distracted by that issue.

XII. The download for the client hook doesn't work.
Maybe the main mirror is down for any reason. If that is happening to you please use Mirror #1 #2 or #3 BELOW the main link. One of them should work for you.

XIII. I receive this message "The client hook is outdated..."
This either means that your client hook is simply outdated and you can solve that issue by downloading the newest version from here or you are using an unsupported version of the game.
There is a known issue with noSTEAM releases with our latest b870 hook for Rome and be noticed that we won't give out any support to people having this issue using a noSTEAM or other comparable cracked/pirated release nor won't Emulator Nexus take any responsibility for that issue caused by illegal game versions.

XIV. I get a "The application failed to initialize" message on startup
You can usually fix this error by installing the latest .NET framework as well as the following libraries:
http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download ... px?id=3387
http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download ... aspx?id=29
http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download ... px?id=5555

The FAQ is not final. We will expand the topic with any issues which are showing up.
I'm just covering the most common issues happening to our users.
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