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  • Project Rome
Welcome to Project Rome!

Project Rome is the result of hard work on part of our developers to emulate the internal workings of E.A.'s servers in order to allow you to experience the game on a fully liberated environment, with support for private server hosting, modifications, and more!

But that’s just the beginning! Stay tuned for cool new capabilities such as offline/LAN support, extended features and more!


Latest Build is 914.

After you have downloaded the required files you need to extract them into your Battlefield: Bad Company 2 directory (where BFBC2Game.exe resides). In order to play you need an Emulator Nexus account and a fully up-to-date Bad Company 2 installation (you can update by simply launching BFBC2Updater.exe.)

Then you must launch your game by executing BFBC2Game.exe and login using your Emulator Nexus account. If you don't already have an account you can create one here!

Mirrors: #1 #2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What version of the game should I be using?
A: Version: R11 795745 Patch. Make sure not to use any cracks or modified game executables.

Q: Why does the game tell me that my email and password combination is wrong, even though I'm sure I typed in the correct data?
A: Make sure you do not have any spaces or special characters in your login or password.
A: It's possible that the master server has crashed and it needs to be restarted. You just need to be patient and wait. In meantime, please don't create a new topic about the issue.

Q: How do I find out if the servers are working?
A: The best way is to visit this page and check the "Stats" section. If the number of players is suspiciously low, then it is likely that you are not the only one who is experiencing problems with the game.

Q: How can I play on EA's official servers?
A: Move, rename, or delete "dinput8.dll" from your BFBC2 game folder. Restart the game and you should be playing on the official servers.

Q: Why does it say that the EA server is unavailable?
A: This means that the server is currently down. It probably was caused by upgrades, restarts, bug fixes, and/or us working our buts off for you.

Q: Why does it say that the EA server is unavailable but the website says it's online?
A: This could be caused by a server malfunction. We probably already know it's broke and it should be resolved soon. Please be patient, we love you.

Q: Why does my game close-out without warning when joining a server?
A: Try and download the latest client hook.

Q: Do I use my EA account to login?
A: No, you use your forum account to login. If you don't have one create an account here.

Q: How can I see any servers on the list?
A: In game, click the Search button on the server list page, servers do not show up automatically; or you are using the wrong client hook.

Q: Why can't I see any servers in game?
A: Try going to 'My Documents\BFBC2' and removing 'GameSettings.bin' and 'GameSettings.ini'.

Q: Why can't I join any servers?
A: If you are getting the disconnected message, make sure you have your game port forwarded through your router/firewall.
A: If you are getting the disconnected message, you might be trying to connect to a full server, this is a bug, and will be fixed in the near future.
A: If you are getting the disconnected message, make a new soldier with the same name as your forum account.

Q: My ping is not displayed correctly.
A: Ping has never been displayed correctly, not even on EA servers. The only way to find out the real ping of the servers is to ping them manually.

Q: How do I add friends or check my server history?
A: These features have not been implemented yet.

Q: My soldier is back to level one.
A: The only thing you can do is to join a server and try to gain one level. The experience is calculated separately than levels, so after you level up you might get your original level back. Otherwise, we can't help you, since there are no backup copies of the database.

Q: The game asks me for a cd-key.
A: You did not extract the server hook (dinput8.dll) into your game directory.

Q: Why do I always get [Invalid] clan tag in game?
A: It's a problem with autologin functionality. To get rid of the tag, just disable autologin.

Q: What ports do I need to open?
Code: Select all
TCP 18390 Outgoing
TCP 18395 Outgoing
UDP 18395 Outgoing
TCP 13505 Outgoing
TCP 80 Outgoing

Q: Why does my game run so slowly?
A: Read this: Guide: To make BFBC2 faster. It might be helpful.

Q: Why is Punkbuster kicking me?
A: Punkbuster is not enabled in both clients and servers. Please open a topic in BC2 support if you till have issues with PB.

Q: Why do I get this message?

A: Make sure you have the latest game version (R11 - Build 795745) without any patches, cracks or anything that could alter the game EXE in any way. You can also try re-installing, and updating your game.

Q: I am missing some .dll files or the game shows me the the following error:

A: Install the following libraries:
https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download ... px?id=3387
https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download ... aspx?id=29
https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download ... px?id=5555

Server FAQ
Q: Where do I get the server files?
A: Look around on google. It's not allowed to post links to server files on the forums.

Q: How do I get Vietnam maps to work on r30?
A: Add this to your ServerOptions.ini and it will work:

Code: Select all
RevisionLevel = 8
RevisionKey = 7C0A303E-F4D2-985E-763D-E7C41B1E06A3

Q: Do I need to edit my HOSTS file?
A: No, because we hook the client with the dinput8.dll file.

Q: I get an error about KERNEL32.dll when starting the server.
A: If you are using Windows XP, you need to use a slightly older hook, that doesn't have extension support:

Q: Where can I find information on setting up a server?
A: Windows Users
A: Linux Users